ACL Day 2

I had a blast today! Mere and I went down to Zilker Park for the festival. We met MFDees and Kellie down there. We even ran into Joseph at Steve Earle. We first watched Sara Hickman, then [a bit of] Railroad Earth, Steve Earle, Stephen Marley, [a tad bit o’ Blue October], Andrew Bird, Damien Rice, Arctic Monkeys, [while waiting in BR line] Aterciopelados, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Muse, and Arcade Fire.

I loved Damien Rice, Stephen Marley, Andrew Bird, and Railroad Earth!

Seriously y’all got to check out Andrew Bird.

I also did some serious people watching…the guy with the bandanna is bad ass! I snuck up to him and took his picture with my camera phone. I say it is David Spade in dress up!!!

These folks are smoking weed…fumando marijuana! lighting the spliff, well they are packing a bowl and smoking it. Jerks…I made sure they knew I was taking their picture smoking the reefer!

Mere and I at Damien Rice.

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