A Sermon in the making…

Yesterday I get a call from my brother Grant. One of our nieces returned from school. She has just started preschool [the rest is the simulated conversation between the two].

Grant: What did you do today Priss?

Priss: Nothing.

Grant: You did nothing? How was the rest of the day at school?

Priss: Hmmmm, I went to church for the first time today.

Grant: What did you talk about?

Priss: A guy named Jesus.

Grant: What did he do?

Priss: Nothing, really.

From the mouth of babes. Where is the radical transformative nature of Christ in this world, in this culture? It amazes me that Jesus has done nothing to leave a mark on the minds of many of us in worship. Is it a matter of right mind in worship or a commercial product of God gone wrong…I think we are trying to hard to sell Jesus and are forgetting to be transformed by Jesus before those we seek to serve.

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