I am doing e-cartwheels!!!

Yesterday or the day before I purchased a little piece of heaven! What does heaven look, feel, or be like?

The new BEIRUT album “The Flying Club Cup” is what heaven sounds like. I love this guy. His previous album “Gulag Orkestar” was so beautiful. With many well written songs crafted with love and a tender hand. I love his newest offering just as much as Gulag!

There is no one out there to compare these guts to. This is the most original project since Clinic.

Zach’s painted a lovely portrait of life in these songs. I highly recommend this album. I delight in the encounter of track number 3, A Sunday Smile.

Curl up to a good book and this album fo show!

One thought on “I am doing e-cartwheels!!!

  1. Amy Souza says:

    ryan,justin wants to tell you to like Doug Burr.Check him out on myspace.he is a texas local….maybe you could go to a show or something.lovezies, justin (or amy—-whatever)

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