I have lost sleep over this tonight…

I felt tired and went to bed. AH, a restful sleep should follow this. Nope. I sat in bed trying to sleep. I focused on the sheep and counting them as they leap the imaginary fence in my mind. I then thought about what kind of lunch a shepherd would bring (both modern era and in the more traditional sense). I imagined cheese in a cloth with a hard crusty bread. Yummy. With that perhaps a plum and an orange. Also good. Cool water. And the grand reveal…tapioca pudding!

This made me hungry and then I tried to forget this. It made me more hungry and I imagined a meal I would love to cook. Squash, onions, and mushrooms sautéed in butter and minced garlic. Then I would put in a few roasted tomatoes and simmer. Then a tiny bit of cream. Cover. Then smother a bed of bowtie noodles and a breaded chicken breast. Cover with a very liberal amount of parmesan cheese and bake till the cheese is melted.

This would be served with a bad ass anti-pasta salad with pepperoni, ham, peppers, onions, croutons, cheese, romaine lettuce covered with a balsamic vinegar dressing.

For dessert I would make a light cream cheese and strawberry mouse with shortbread pieces.

Now I am tired from cooking so much.

2 thoughts on “I have lost sleep over this tonight…

  1. astrocero says:

    If I may open up a new menu.Starters- albondigas soup, but in the meatballs is hidden a bit of mint, it leaves such a cooling a refreshing aftertaste, I love it.Main- a chicken breast marinated overnight in onions (white and green) lime juice, cilantro, and a shot of tequila, and grilled, this is served with Spanish rice, and beans (pinto) and a medley of squash and carrots. Post main- a small green salad to aid in digestion in cilantro ceaser vinaigrette. Desert- a small hot chocolate (Spanish style) and a churroOh I also have a new post, maybe pass a word along to anyone who may care to read it. Adios

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