I.M. Hungry

I am not a country in Europe. I am a guy that is craving tacos, pizza, or mac & cheese. I have been thinking tonight about the hunger I witnessed and felt in East Africa. How many of us truly understand hunger, when we say we are starving. What an affront to those brothers and sisters that die daily due to lack of food. I for one am convicted in taking my language of privileged out of circulation.

Beloved Lord, be with those that have as we hoard and hold wealth and do not fairly distribute to those that do not have. Sooth the hearts of the hungry. Bring peace to those that have no home. Give hope to those that we walk over to be American. Forgive us of what we have done and what we have left undone. Fashion us a people of justice, mercy, compassion, and grace. Crush the grievous consumer in our hearts that prevent us from drawing near you. Create in us a desire to be courageous, honest, vulnerable, and meek. May we offer up our lives as a living sacrifice to your truth and love. Let us love as you love. Let us accept as you accept. Let us serve as you serve. Be with us know as we fall before you in faith and thanksgiving. In the name of the comforter of all, the redeemer of creation, Jesus Christ. Amen

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