Do cartoons go to heaven?

Sometimes, I wish I was a cartoon. I would love to hang out with the likes of Droopy, Tom, Jerry, Pink Panther, Marvin the Martin, Bugs, Voltron, The Thundercats, and those crazy kids from Scooby Doo. I wonder if these guys hang out with each other when they are not making cartoons. Does Shaggy call up Tom and ask him to go to the pub? Does Voltron chill with Marvin at the Cheesecake Factory on a Friday night? I hope they are as cool in person as they are in the cartoons.

Imagine a wild party with every cartoon you can imagine! I bet it is tough to get a passport if you are a cartoon. That would mean that you would be very restricted in your travels. Man, it is like cartoons are second class citizens. I bet Jesus included cartoons in the beatitudes. We as the church need to be better in reaching out to our cartoon brothers and sisters! Paul Tillich would include them in “The Courage to Be”! I think I will make it my mission in life to reach out to the marginalized cartoons and walk with them. Where is the missions budget to the cartoons. They have to be the most oppressed group in America. No one takes them seriously!

God forgive us, as we have treated cartoons as if they are not your creation. Open our eyes and hearts so that we may see the error of our ways. Amen

One thought on “Do cartoons go to heaven?

  1. Karen Wagner says:

    Have you heard Chris Rice’s song Cartoons. It is about what would happen if cartoons praised God. Pretty fun. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Blessings my animated friend.

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