Where have all the turtles gone?

Man I am tougher than a three dollar steak [unless you hear about it from Matt]. I have four days left in my internship. I have completed my final evaluation. In which I damn near cried. It was a moving display of communication and gratitude from both of our parts. I have adios’d folks and will do more of the same on Sunday.

It has been a difficult summer. I have learned a lot and do not regret coming up to Seminole County to serve. There is something powerful about your firsts. Your first kiss. Your first youth group. Your first this or that and your first pastoral experience.

I will carry these folks with me to where ever I go and to how ever I serve. I cannot forget the sweet smiling faces of Mary, Juanita, Ted, John, Bill, Clara, Louise, Ethan, Lou, Lewis, Elsie, Cheryl, Ella, Al, Mary, Rex, Bryon, Thomas, Matt, and everyone else I know I have forgot. I have been very blessed to be welcomed so intimately into these churches I have served this summer.

I have been profoundly transformed into a person with confidence of the call on my life and contentment of my gifts to serve Jesus’ church. I will miss the people the most. I will not miss the nuclear hotness available here in central Oklahoma. I leave here with a new outlook on life and a deep hope in the future of the church. I learned that God uses imperfect and broken people to bring forth the Kingdom of God on earth. I do not have to be perfect or even better. I can just be. It is God’s soil. I am just one of the many beautiful creations in and around it.

Blessings and peace to my family in Seminole…see you now or later.

One thought on “Where have all the turtles gone?

  1. Matt says:

    I’ll readily admit that I haven’t been keeping up with your blog as well as I should be, but I’m glad I saw this post at least. I don’t really know what to say, I just want to congratulate you on your first ‘legit’ experience in pastoral ministry. I know it sounds cheesey, but reading this just made me really happy. I wish I could have been around to be a part of your community as you went through this experience.

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