Depeche Mode means “hurry up fashion”

A memory came to me last night. When I was in fifth or sixth grade “pegging” your pants was very popular with the kids. I was not exception. I pegged my pants with the best of them. One particular moment stands out in my mind.

I had just picked out the outfit of all outfits! A red flannel shirt with gray pants and white suspenders. I was the cat’s pajamas!!! I wore this outfit as often as I could. One Sunday morning when we as a family were going to church. It was a Lutheran church called St. Luke’s. My dad and I got into an argument about my attire. I wanted to sport the above outfit [again] with a slight twist…I wanted to peg my pants as ii sauntered into worship. I wanted to be the cat’s pajamas in the house of the Lord. It was a heated argument and my dad won.

I remember proclaiming in the heat of the moment [I say this to lessen the utter absurdity of what I said], “I will always peg my pants, it is what makes me who I am!!!” I said this with all of the muster a pubescent zit faced, slightly chubby, awkward kid can deliver. I was serious at the time and it seemed like the end of the world to me. Well after countless episodes similar to this one and numerous fashion WTF’s I want to thank my dad for holding the reigns at times on me.

I wish he was there for the Pharaoh incident and the years I spent as a delinquent wanna be. It is strange how right our parents become the older we get. I am thankful that I was blessed with a salty old dog named “Butch” as my pop. I pray I grow up to be half the man you are. Even if your legs don’t work like they used to, you are still my superman.

What fond memories of your childhood conjure up gratitude and thanks?

FYI What Depeche Mode means is the only thing I have retained from seventh grade music class.

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