Rambels from an Icehole…

I feel like a jerk today. I am frustrated by damn near anyone. I am very ready to go home. I just had an encounter at McDonald’s [while checking my email] with a fellow. He stares at my computer and says, Don’t mess with Texas!” I sort of smile and he says, “are you a preacher?”
I tell him I am a summer intern at a few local churches, but preacher, no. He tells me his life story and how he is now right with the Lord. The HE has called him to do great things in youth ministry. His wife left him and his teenage daughter [who is uncomfortably sitting across from him and filled with fear all ghost white] and is now not right with the Lord. Because she left him and that is not what Father God wants for her. She and him were married and only he was taking it seriously. Now she is out whoring around in Orlando with God knows who… Because God made woman and man to be together in marriage. Man needs to care for and provide to woman. Woman needs to care for the man and the kids at home.
But he has a heart for the Lord and has recommitted his life to service just 5 weeks ago. He stated that God put us two together [he and I]. I am going to help him in some way. He gets my number at the church and tells me he will call me to talk.
WTF? I have had random conversations many times before. I am bothered right now that I am angry at this guy. I want to tell him he is full of shit. He needs to get a relationship with God. Not some sort of fundy checklist! I am very bothered by Fundies! I disagree with their formulaic response to the gospel and the understanding they own the truth. They bully people with fear into a jello mold religion. They are guilted into “right-action” and made subordinate to a man that has a power complex. I have never disagreed with anything more than the Fundy perspective. Where is the grace of Christ in this? Where is the love? It will be all over soon…we are in the end times and Jesus is mad at the gays, the liberals, and the free-thinking hedonists out there in America. We are done for anyway. Only the right wing fundamental “real” Christians will be saved. That said…I do not want to be saved with these narrow minded non relational quick fix seeking jack asses that damn and judged everyone and consumes hate and fear mongering like they were tic tacks. GOD help us, GOD , help me…I am such an asshole for despising them, I do not love them. I do not serve them. I spit in there general direction.

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