Just another Friday…

I have a neat little routine here in Seminole on Friday’s. I wake up [which is always handy] and rub my eyes. Then I pour a tall glass of cold water and sit on the sofa. I then situate the supplements and vitamins I have been taking. I turn on the TV to a fuzzy channel of some kind of news.

I then take my supplements and vitamins [in the AM it is 10 pills; in the PM it is only 7]. I then strap on my heart rate monitoring strap, band aid my nipples, stretch out with my Pilates exercise bands, and go outside to a waiting Nana Puddin’ [now sometimes I manage to make it as far as Nana Puddin’, most of the time. On some occasions I make it to the porch and have a smoke with my band aided nippled self.] Then I am off to McDonald’s to check my email and fight the temptation of their succulent sausage biscuits and Sausage McMuffins. Damn them!!!

I allow myself on Fridays the joy of falling into the clown’s horrid trap. I am eating a sausage biscuit with cheese as I type this. I will now have to hang out in the gym for a half an hour or so and digest prior to running so I do not vomit the sausage biscuit with cheese on the heart rate strap ready treadmill I trot along on way to my goal of six miles a day of the sport I have recently become addicted too called jogging [That was a Schleiermacher sentence if I ever saw one! 63 words is pretty impressive!!!]

After the gym I head home to ready myself for my weekly session with my supervisor [next Friday I am getting a massage for an hour! Sweet delight] to figure out if I will be fit for ministry. I then drive back to my home in the scenic beauty of rural Seminole county Oklahoma. Down highway 9 past the two car graveyards on the straight away off of highway 56, around the bend just past the second graveyard of old muscle cars [I want to get some pictures of this as it is rather pretty at dusk]. Into the bends behind the thick grove of trees that hide a sharp drop into farm land. Another bend into an another straight away that takes you into and through the Citizen Powatan or something Nation land. Past Sportsman Lake and the Shell gas station. Only another mile and half to the church.

When home I work on my sermon and drink massive amounts of water. I sit on the porch and watch the cars past me on the highway. Sometimes I watch the grass grow or throw rocks at the birds and bugs. All the while on the look out for snakes. Evening rolls around and I watch TV and write stuff. I have even been know to read while watching TV. I do wait 30 minutes after I eat so I will not cramp and stuff. That is my average Friday.

Maybe tonight will be different as TEAM IMPACT [The Power Team], the guys that break ice and wood in the name of Jesus all filled with the Holy Spirit are about 30 minutes away. If I can score tickets I am so there!

2 thoughts on “Just another Friday…

  1. Matt says:

    I’d worked my way up to about 5 miles a few times a week (not on a treadmill, but out in the city) before I left for our month long trip to L.A.. I jogged there a handful of times but definitely slipped out of shape so I’ve got to spend the next few weeks catching up to where I was.

  2. Ryan Pappan says:

    I cannot run in the city here…we do not have one. I am not too big in the nature thing. So the treadmill rocks for me. Keep up the running, it is fun!

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