Stories from the Wilds of Oklahoma

There was this fresh out of the box young pastor that was called to a congregation that was active and inspiring. The head of staff [B] had been there for years and was considered very seasoned. B had been with this congregation when it was on the verge of closing its doors, now they all celebrate God glory as a healthy vivacious lot.

The young pastor was nervous and timid to enter the call. Had seminary provided for all circumstances? With a mind full of Barth, Tillich, Atonement Theory, Christology, Christian Education, Pastoral Care, and a heart full of love and a desire to serve Christ, “I am as ready as I will ever be.”

The young pastor arrived at the church with a trailer and some furniture. Some of it even matched. The congregation was present to help move the young pastor in to the apartment. When the young pastor opened the fridge, there it was stocked full of food. There were fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and even a lemon cake! The pastor was so thankful for this generous gesture.

The next day the young pastor was visited by the old seasoned pastor at the apartment. They visited for a few hours. The conversation was easy and light. The old pastor was comforting and calm. The conversation naturally waned and the old pastor went to leave. On the way out the young pastor paused and blurted out, “I am preaching for the first time this Sunday. What should the sermon be about?”

The old pastor thought about it for a moment…he replied, “Well I would like to hear it about 15 minutes and it should be about God.” He excused himself and departed with a smile.

I was driving back from Wewoka yesterday afternoon, down highway 270. A red pick up pulled in front of me just outside of Seminole. In the back were three sun burnt kids. All were wearing sleeveless shirts of assorted OU logos. They all sported mullets waving in the air. They held up two bikes in the back of the truck.

I chuckled to myself a bit. I think mullets are funny. I chuckle when I am witness to mullets, ninjas, pirates, and midgets. If this makes me a jerk than I am guilty. It is like a train wreak…I cannot stop looking. I speed up to the truck wanting to get a closer look.

We arrive into town and the highway splits into two lanes. I take the outside lane when I can. As I pass the truck with the army of kiddy mullets I smile and laugh to myself. In the drivers seat was a woman also sun burnt, wearing a sleeveless OU shirt, sporting a mullet. This was not the innocent, don’t know better kiddy mullet. It was the full fem-mullet with a splash [a pretty big splash] of Tennessee Waterfall/ Bill Ray Cyrus. It was an impressive display of hair. Party in the back and business up front! I am just jealous that I could not grow hair. If I could I would certainly grow a mullet.

Less than three weeks left in the internship here in Seminole County. I am thankful I have lasted this long and look towards meditation on what I have learned in the last eight weeks. With a knowledge of longing and a hungry heart for Austin and my life there, I write with hope, joy, sorrow, and faith.

One thought on “Stories from the Wilds of Oklahoma

  1. Renee says:

    I like to think what you would look like with a mullet.I also like the phrase, “Party in the back, business in the front.”I have three weeks left too. I think I am a different person now that I’ve done it.

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