Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Tums!

I get so anxious when I watch Pirate Master. I hope and hope for a mutiny. That is what I want for Christmas. I am far too involved in the show. I was really bummed last night when the Ghost crew lost to the Black crew. Stupid scientific stripper, he lost the dang key when the Ghost pirates were far ahead. If he did not lose the key the Black crew would be broken up and lame captain Az and the Tirade would be gone. Nope they are in power and now they are eating their own.

Am I the only person that watches this show? Please someone rescue me with you insight in to this terribly addicting show. Folks what is better than a contest featuring a boat load of buffoons acting like pirates. Especially, when one of them fakes an accent to be cool.

What show(s) do y’all watch that you are addicted too and why?

2 thoughts on “Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Tums!

  1. Ryan Pappan says:

    Ha…I watched the Spice girl show…she is America now. I could not stop watching. Chacci loves anyone!

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