I love that Mere Knits…

I find it rather attractive that Mere knits. It is cute that she knits when we drive somewhere. It is cute that she knits when we watch TV. She once knitted as we went to the movies. I think she is pretty good. She cannot go to any place that has yarn and not stop to oh and ah about the yarn. She surfs the net looking at YORN [yarn porn] and oggels other folks hand made crafty work. So here is to you Mere, my YORN queen. I found these items here from THE SNEEZE site. BTW I love The Sneeze, you should check it out, the link is to the right.

6 thoughts on “I love that Mere Knits…

  1. astrocero says:

    i would love a sweater, but one with the tv diner thingy on it, or prehaps some other silly 3-d item that i can wear on my person!

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