What age is our love?

I have reached a new low. Last night I watched Kittens and Cougars battle it out for the affection of one 30something Kiwi.

The show is filled with intrigue and romance [at least some of the felines believe this interaction to be romantic]. This new low involves the show “Age of Love.” I can ask myself many questions, “why did you watch the show?” “What part of your soul is now missing?” “What is your major malfunction?” Yes folks I became Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket last night. I was in a world of Shit. I have no excuse as to justify my watching of this marvelously exploitative program. I am a not completely ashamed…

I observed some interesting relationships and dynamics. The Kittens [I like that they refer to the younger women as kittens…it is not demeaning at all] pooled together to defend their meal [the kiwi] against the Cougars [the older women]. Now I have grown up understanding that women can be catty and mean to each other, especially if there is a perceived competition for a mate. Well this show puts it out there.

I am not sure if it is very clever editing on the producers part or that these ladies truly act like this to each other. Last night the Kiwi took 3 or 4 ladies on a date. I always thought of this as pimpin’ but I could be wrong. This date was to the beach to surf. The Kiwi tried to teach the ladies how to stand on the board and so on. The younger ladies would giggles and play coy as he taught them the ancient Hawaiian art of wave riding.

They finally get in the water and some fall and others get knocked in the head with the boards. The Kiwi wants to “get to know” one of the ladies better and takes her for a stroll along the shore. Meanwhile the other ladies are angry because their date is not going so well. These ladies complain and belittle the other ladies getting attention.

The date is over and they return to the lair of felines that are eagerly anticipating their return. [It is almost like a lioness circling a fresh kill] Then the Kiwi calls on two ladies to get dolled up and join him for a movie date. Again, I wonder how this can be a date if he is out with two women. One of the ladies is “falling for him’. She wants to say love, but she fears embarrassment in public. She feels that she loves this guy after having known him for maybe a month and spending the time with him shared with many other ladies. Poor little lamb! Poor little Lamb!

It amazes me that a show can exist like this. The prize is not a new car or exotic vacation. It is a person! Folks we are auctioning of via auditions people. The “winner” of this show is the one the Kiwi loves. Have we lost our sense or morality and decency so far that a game show [reality TV] can decide to match love and give people as prizes? We are not far off for actual slavery. This is a refined modern slave trade [this coupled with the system of credit this country is now built upon make for a nation f slaves].

It makes me wonder where Jesus is in all of this. Where is the Gospel of transformation, reconciliation, and peace? We all could use some “Courage to Be” in this culture. Imagine this world void of programs like this that make humanity a commodity. I pray for transformation of this nation. I pray we move from a nation of easily traded commodities and pie charts to one with grand compassion and a love for each other [other includes a global perspective]. Jesus is not a day trader sitting there waiting for you and I to hit on the right idea and move us to sell, sell, sell. Jesus is a long term investor. Patiently waiting…actively seeking information. In this case of “The Age of Love”, the love they desire so much cannot be found on the program or in life absent of the love of Jesus Christ. They are hurting inside and a tall, dark, and handsome someone will not make them feel better and loved. Absent of Christ one will always wonder and seek fulfillment in unrealistic situations. Outside of Christ love is a never ending story of hurt and wonder.

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