This made me laugh.

I have altered the picture a bit to protect the identity of this pirate as to not endanger them to Commonwealth Laws against piracy. I had no idea pirates ate cake. I bet it is the Frrrrrrosting they like.

5 thoughts on “This made me laugh.

  1. McKnitter says:

    Gosh, with that clever editing job, it’s impossible to guess the identity of this pirate! The world may never know…

  2. BCDees says:

    Whatever, I can clearly see through your half-hearted attempt at forgery. This is clearly none other than Theodore Wardlaw, a pirate through and through.

  3. Ryan Pappan says:

    Ha, Ted is going to be pissed that I did not protect him too well. I hope I do not have to Trrrransfer to another Seminarrrrry.

  4. Monica says:

    hey, there are copyright issues at stake here !! 🙂 i personally think the picture is…rrrrrrreavealing…pirates are obviously good party givers!

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