J.C.M. Rulz!!!

Yesterday I walked outside to find John Cougar Mellencamp dancing on the lawn of the church. He was singing the intro to Jack & Diane. It was pretty neat shite!

I sat there amazed at what I was seeing. I moved to gain a better view and he caught wind of me and began to walk away, tail between his legs. I was not too sure what I saw…it happened very fast. I know it was Cougar-like…perhaps it was Bobcat doing his Police Academy shtick. I bet not because nothing was on fire and it did not smell of death (like in career).

I am tired of wildlife. I miss the city. Today I found out that snakes can and do crawl up the drains of toilets and can and do poke their heads out of the bowls. I will never crap again. I wonder how my body will hurt if I am impacted for a month. I will just have to use the toilet at the gym. Stupid nature, why can’t we just dam up everything and cement the rest. I for one love global warming!!! Yeah for hunters! Yeah for folks in boots shooting snakes and selling them on the roadside. Next time I get the chance to kill something with Nana Puddin’ I will take it! Stupid Nature!

I gotta go I want to eat steak! Yeah for people that wear fur and other animal products. I think I may buy stuff killing boots and a dead stuff carving coat this year for Christmas. I should get Mere a matching set. We could be the stuff killing couple and the stuff carving couple!

Yeah for Stuff!!!

4 thoughts on “J.C.M. Rulz!!!

  1. Renee says:

    Your Oklahoma life is so weird. But I am entertained by it. For crying out loud! A snake biting your on your rear? That’s scary and hilarious. Let’s just hope you have some hefty gas to protect yourself from them.

  2. Karen Wagner says:

    hey don’t be so hard on my home state. It’s not all like that. Ryan, you just happen to be closer to nature.

  3. Ryan Pappan says:

    I have the gas to protect myself! Hakuna Matata!Pole sana Karen, I mean no ill to the OK. I am far too close to nature for my liking. I bet the city of OKC would be better for me. I hope all is well with you.Mon just wait…I have a present for you, so will see it later…here on the blog

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