Out on the Farm

I went to go to McDonald’s this morning to check my email. While I was doing so, a nasty storm rolled in brought with it motivation not to go to the gym. I decided that I was going to get some McDonald’s breakfast and go home. I waited in line and just as I got to the cashier the power went out. They could no longer take orders. I waited there for ten minutes. I then took Gods cue and went to the gym. They had power and I had a work out.

What does God have against the clown of burgers? Is he not covered under the salvation of Jesus Christ?

8 thoughts on “Out on the Farm

  1. Elaine says:

    Ronald may be within God’s grace, but the power outage may have been caused by the incarnation of evil — the Hamburgler.

  2. Ryan Pappan says:

    If the clown is not Gods gift to creation than what does this say about the preferential option of the poor?woe to humanity! woe to cows. Woe to clowns in general. WOE!!!

  3. BCDees says:

    Watch Fast Food Nation and tell me that God should not have something against the clown of burgers.And that Grimmace is just downright creepy. Tell me I’m wrong on this.

  4. Ryan Pappan says:

    I saw FFN and I would agree with you MF DEES. That movie messed with me (I bite my cheeseburger) alot (wipe the sauce from my lip)…Really how could you eat that shit and not think of the arm in your meat…fucking savages!Matt, Grimace is evil…it is in the name!

  5. Monica says:

    i cannot wait for all of you to be home…this is too good to be reading…let’s experience this shit in person 🙂 i miss all of you soooooooo much!

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