Plan and the world plans against you…sort of.

I am obsessed with the TV show, Pirate Master. I watch it every week. I route for certain folks and despise others. I am bummed that the mutiny option has not played a part in the game at all.

Everyone has a plan or an alliance. Currently three fellows are aligned as “The Triad.” One of these fellows will win the game if mutiny does not happen. Joe Don was voted off last week, leaving the rest of the players at a disadvantage. There are 5 ladies and one fellow plus the three dudes in the tirade.

The deck is stacked against the other players and they will be picked off one by one. The sad thing for me is to sit in my living room and watch this train wreck unfold. I have my hopes and they are dashed weekly with Pirate Master.

As I watched it this week, on its new day and time, I again was upset. Not so upset that I shall not watch next week, because I will. I went to be with the nagging question of, “why make plans?”

It has been my experience that when plans are made God dashes them against the rocks. Today I am thankful for this, but when I was in the moment I was pretty upset. I would not have been here in Oklahoma pursuing a vocation in ministry if I had my plan.

In hindsight my plans seem rather silly. Fear carried me towards jobs that you made lots of money at. Lust carried me towards the surly, sirens that populated these money clad jobs. I wanted comfort and grew complacent and lazy and I was ok with it.

Imagine your life if you were born with a treasure map that pointed you along what you should do. You never had to second guess yourself. You never had to worry about what you were going to do. You knew who or what you would be doing in the partner realm. You knew you that six paces west past the old oak tree and twenty paces south should bring you to a gathering of rocks that look like monkeys is where you will find your salvation. It would make life easier, right?

This is what I had wished for in the past. Today I like the anxiety filled, uncertain, and desperate living absent of a map. I am forced to be relational. To have relationships with others to discover what and who I am. I have a relationship that reveals to me the better things I have always wanted in life. The best thing of all is I have a relationship with Jesus Christ that points me to salvation. It also explains to me what love is, what sacrifice is, what a meaningful life is. If I had a treasure map I would not need a relationship with Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Plan and the world plans against you…sort of.

  1. Renee says:

    Treasure Map, Schmeasure Map. What was it you told me to say? Oh yeah, “Fuck it!” 🙂 (I never say that. . .hee, hee.)

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