Pirates and Snakes

I am very bothered by the happenings on Pirate Master. These folks were in the perfect position to use the Mutiny option last night. Yet they did not do anything. So the Triade with that lame arse captain are going to pick everyone off one by one. What is the deal? Has no one else learned to work the system, other than these three little pigs.

The rest of the pirates are sitting ducks now…

So I go outside to vent to Mere about my frustration on Pirate master…I do not get a full step outside and out of the sky drops a snake! A SNAKE!

It lands with a thud and I practically ran through the door to escape. I catch my breath and look out the window there and yup it is a snake. About three feet long, black with a little underbelly and a snake.

I just about wet myself.

I hate snakes. Mere suggested that I sleep with candles surrounding my bed. “It worked for Indiana Jones!” I talked to my cousin, who is an outdoors man from Tulsa and he told me it was ok and the snake was a Chicken Snake or Black Snake. Only these non-poisonous snakes can climb. I felt relieved. I am still tripped out by the snake incident. I hate snakes!

4 thoughts on “Pirates and Snakes

  1. Renee says:

    Geez. What is it with all your critters? First spiders. . .then snakes. . . yikes.By the way, you might want to change the link to my blog on your site to the new one. The one blog is resting in peace.

  2. Amy Souza says:

    i laugh in your general direction.this weekend was crazy with visitors……we’ll try and call this week.

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