Another Friday in the life of Intern Ryan…

Today I saw a pimped out red caddy with spinner bumpin’ driving down the road in front of my house. It made me laugh. I have been busy with session meetings and pastor visitation. I will be preaching this Sunday at “Hilltop’ a native church in Wewoka, OK. I have been keeping busy with reading of books and watching movies. I have watched something like 15 movies since landing here in Seminole. My favorites so far have been Babel, Children of Men, Blood Diamond, and American Hardcore. I have also gotten into a show called “Pirate Master”. It is bad, so bad it is good. It is Survivor on a boat with folks pretending to be pirates. I am very envious as I wish I was a pirate on the ship. I have also been running a lot at the gym. I have been going everyday and have worked up to running 4 miles a day in an hours time frame. This is a grand accomplishment for me. I hope to work up to running 5 miles in an hour.

I want to leave you with a quote from a book called “We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families: Stories from Rwanda”. “The West’s post-Holocaust pledge that genocide would never again be tolerated proved to be hallow, and for the fine sentiments inspired by the memory of Auschwitz, THE PROBLEM REMAINS THE DENOUNCING EVIL IS A FAR CRY FROM DOING GOOD.”

We continue to fail in living up to the commitment of never allowing genocide to happen in this civilized society of today. It is happening still in Africa, in Burma, in Iraq, and in the unjust systems of wealth and power that ruin the civilized world that we imagine that we live in.

All is well here in Oklahoma otherwise. Palabra tu Madre!

p.s. I just got the news that I was not accepted into the Dual Degree program at UT. I am disappointed and upset. I spent almost 500 dollars to be rejected. I had my heart set on it. I was assured that I was what the program had in mind. I would be accepted. I guess God has other plans. Now I must scramble to get classes at APTS and make up the courses I did not take in preparation for the program. Well…I just may weep. I am crushed. I feel inadequate and less than. God please help me. Show me what I am to do.

4 thoughts on “Another Friday in the life of Intern Ryan…

  1. Monica says:

    i am so sorry…i am thinking of you today and will pray for discernment and wisdom…mainly comfort in the dry, dry desert land…

  2. Kendra says:

    I’m sorry that you weren’t accepted. I hope there will be an opportunity for you to get into the program at a later time. Not to be directive, but at this time, it seems that your call is to preach: you have a prophetic voice for it. If it makes you feel any better, I got rejected from a lot of jobs I applied for – that I felt WAY over qualified for. I hope you can still make the most of your internship.

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