Seminole, Oklahoma: It is the sizznat, fo rizzel!!!

Well here we are ten days into the rural small church internship in Oklahoma. I have preached once, led a Bible study, a hospital visit, maybe 4 hours of pastoral care, sat in on a chamber of commerce meeting [they were planing an annual festival], and have had numerous conversations with locals. I must say that it has been a busy week here in central Oklahoma. I have even been through two tornado watches and a few sever thunderstorms. For an LA guy I would rather deal with earthquakes any day! To heck with tornadoes!
This week I am preaching at a native church outside of Maud, Oklahoma. I will also be a part of a meeting to set an agenda on their programing for the summer. Which I think means that I an here so they have a program of sorts. The view from the sanctuary is breath taking! I will put up pictures as soon as I can. I will be attending the TRI-PRESBYTERY MEETING in OKC tomorrow morning. So if you are there I shall see you. If you are not then see you later. Next week I am doing more visitation, a meeting with the Rotary Club [and I will be speaking there], a Session meeting [wait two Wewoka and Wewoka Indian]. Then preach again that Sunday.

FYI, On my way to a meeting in Wewoka from Seminole this morning I zoomed over the top of 5 turtles as they tucked inside their shells and waited out the fury of Nana Puddin’ and I almost hit a dog. What is it with shit running on to the road with cars driving 65 miles per hour. So far I have only killed one snake. The driving over of turtles is kind of fun. It is sort of like Frogger [with real live turtles]. I have also been witness to the death of a rabbit at the hands of something in the bushes behind my house. I am not sure what it was. I imagine it was the thing from “Lady in the Water”. I found a dead bird in my house on Wednesday. I threw it out the window and in the morning something came in the night and took it away to birdy heaven. I think this was also the handy work of those things from that movie LITW. I went to the Shawnee Mall yesterday and left after an hour. It took me the better part of half an hour to get there and I left after maybe an hour of frantic walking around like a prowling cougar. Why? I was upset that the security followed me around as did the group of teenagers hanging out outside of the American Eagle Outfitter’s store. Then I went to escape to a movie and would have had to wait an hour and a half to see “Knocked Up”, I got bored and left town on a country road into tall grass and nothingness.

I am reading “Sex, Drugs, and Coco Puffs” by Chuck Closterman (?). I like his book. I think he is a jackass and full of himself. I hate it when folks beat their own drum. It is like masturbating to yourself in the mirror. I would like to hang out with this guy and argue so shite.

On the way back from the meeting mentioned above this morning i was coming down a hill towards a large truck [a tanker of some sort] and as we came to the bottom of the hill going opposite directions he lost something of his truck [I should be fair and say it could have been a woman too that was driving the truck. I just doubt that this male bent, slower, somewhat behind culture would hire a woman to drive trucks. Ain’t they supposed ta be havin babies and carin fer the house?] and the said something hit the right side of Nana Puddin’s windscreen. This caused me to almost soil my pants and swerve a bit. The chick in the truck never stopped. I bet he/she was applying make-up and the something was the jumbo size lipstick from Wal-Mart.
Now I have to get the windscreen fixed at what cost I am not sure. Imagining out here in the sticks it will not be cheap. What does a windscreen cost on a 1990 something Nana Puddin? Blessings to you all!
My theological working this week is Luke 7:11-17. I want ya’ll to look at the reconciliation of social justice and its comparison to the substitutionary action of Jesus in the passage.

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