Movies I have watched here in Oklahoma

  1. A Guide to Recognizing your Saints- good film. I love the ending. “I left everybody, but no one ever left me.”
  2. Accepted- entertaining film. I enjoyed the journey the film took me on. A good rental.
  3. Afro Samurai- I liked it a lot. It is a wonderful mix of tech and swords. It is a good series.
  4. Alexander- summer action film, nothing more.
  5. Alpha Dog- well made. It pulled me back to my time in the SFV. What foolish things we do to pretend to be adults.
  6. America 101- ok…not great.
  7. American Hardcore: The History of American Punk Rock 1980-1986- I loved this film. It took me back to high school.
  8. American Pie: The Naked Mile- Why did I rent this…oh yes, because I am a dumbass.
  9. An Uncommon Kindness- interesting documentary on Father Damien.
  10. Babel-Fucking wonderful! Everyone should watch this film.
  11. Black Snake Moan- BEATIFUL!!! A wonderful story of redemption. I would use this to teach any day.
  12. Blood Diamond-A very beautiful film. I wept!
  13. Borat- the second time around I thought is was lame and very offensive. I cannot believe the shite people will say and/or believe.
  14. Born into Brothels- a beautiful story. One of the best documentaries I have ever seen.
  15. Bridge to Terabithia- not the best film. It was entertaining.
  16. Casino Royale- the best Bond film I have ever seen.
  17. Children of Men-good. I loved the story.
  18. Color Me Kubrick-interesting. I would watch it again. I was annoyed by the lead.
  19. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind- solid film. Very entertaining.
  20. Control Room- I am thankful that I saw this film. It is a wonderful introduction into the world of information and its creative spinning.
  21. Deliver Us From Evil- scary…very thought provoking.
  22. Desperado-good
  23. Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo- the first one was better.
  24. Diggers- a good story…moving and well made
  25. El Mariachi-ok…ground breaking.
  26. Employee of the Month- entertaining. It is what you expect for these guys.
  27. Envy- ok
  28. Epic Movie-I will never watch this film again!
  29. Fast Food Nation-wonderful
  30. Flyboys- entertaining summer blockbuster. I liked the WWI stuff. I would like to see more on the genre.
  31. Garden State- I liked this film. Sweet, warm, romantic and sort of unrealistic. Over all a solid film.
  32. Gridiron Gang- inspiring! I love sports movies. I would watch this movie again.
  33. I heart Huckabees- brilliant film. I wish I had the time to break down the film more.
  34. Lord of War- One of the best films I have seen in sometime. I loved the core message and the way it was presented. Brilliant!
  35. Marie Antoinette- good. I love Copplas use of music in the background along with her use of colors and angles. She is a wonderful director!
  36. Maxed Out- one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. America needs to see this film!
  37. Melinda & Melinda- It is an interesting concept…one movie with two sides [comedy and tragedy]. Woody Allen has made far better films. It is entertaining.
  38. Millions- BRILLIANT!!! This movie is one of the best films I have ever seen. It is simple and touching.
  39. Motorcycle Diaries- BEAUTIFUL! It is a must see for Gen X. This is our easy rider.
  40. Mulholland Drive- David Lynch did it again. I enjoyed the roller coaster and house of mirrors that this film is. It left me hungry for more and upset at Lynch. So it was a great film!
  41. Music and Lyrics- sweet movie. It is your standard English love story fair in the model of Bridget Jones, Love Actually and Knotting Hill.
  42. National Treasure- I loved this film. It is a great summer blockbuster type film. I liked the clues and historical references.
  43. Norbit-sucked
  44. Once Upon a Time in Mexico- great!!!
  45. Protocols of Zion- Interesting. I am always blown away that this shit is still believed. That Christians [folks that claim to be] have such hate towards others…I see a poverty separation going on.
  46. Reno 911:Miami- I almost wet myself!
  47. Rocky Balboa- a good film. Better than I imagined or expected
  48. School for Scoundrels- good for what it was, a film the tries to be smart and funny with actors that try to hard and a script that could have been better.
  49. Seven Swords- too long and confusing
  50. Shaun of the Dead- I love this film. These guys are brilliant. I loved the ending.
  51. Shooter- a great action movie. I was entertained from the opening scene on to the very end.
  52. Sideways- good film. I am not sure why many people got all up on this film.
  53. Singing Detective- LAME!!!
  54. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow-Beautifully filmed…visually good, could be better with story
  55. Smoke Signals- I lovely film. Everyone should see it.
  56. Smokey and the Bandit- FUN. FUN. FUN. What a fun movie to watch.
  57. Smokin’ Aces- brilliant. A fun and well made gangster flick.
  58. Stealing Beauty- Interesting…The film is beautifully shot if nothing at all.
  59. Strangers with Candy- ok…I found it difficulty to watch such a hapless character as Jerri Blank.
  60. Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny- OK, a funny drug scene
  61. Terminal- entertaining. A good solid film. Not the best effort from Tom Hanks, but good.
  62. The Best Two Years- LAME! It was an interesting perspective into a world I have never witnessed.
  63. The Bridge- a heart breaking documentary. I thought the story was difficult but needed to be told.
  64. The History Boys- not sold on it. Well made…tough to catch all of the dialogue, so I got lost rather quickly.
  65. The Matador- I liked this film. It was fun.
  66. The Prestige-The Illusionist was far better!
  67. The Producers- GREAT! I laughed so much.
  68. Thirteen- hard to watch…It makes me wonder about the next generation.
  69. Unleashed- good film. An interesting take on a martial arts film.
  70. Volver- A beautiful film. The story is light and insightful. The colors are bright and bold. It is a beautiful and engaging story.
  71. Waiting…- Funny and childish. I enjoyed this movie. The brain and the goat were funny!
  72. Wassup Rockers- good story. I enjoy Larry Clark. A real subject with a message that needs to be heard.
  73. Without A Paddle- nice film…it dragged a bit. Some funny parts. It uses a predictable model for comedy.

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