Non Friday update…

I found an old TV antenna the other night, I think on Saturday or Sunday night, and hooked it up to the TV in my living room. I now get one fuzzy static filled channel of mind debauchery! I think it is CBS…I watched Cold Case and Without A Trace last night, what joy!
FYI, I ran over a snake yesterday morning on the way to church in Wewoka, OK. I am fearful that the legions of snakes in these parts will now mount an offensive to avenge their brethren’s demise. I imagine a El Mariachi type battle with a Snakes on a Plane flip that will be knocking at my door sometime in the next few weeks. I will keep you posted, and if you get a call with me screaming and crying over something like they are here, you know what I am speaking about.
I want to assure Mere that I am not taking apart in unauthorized cheeseburger consumption on this non Friday outing. I think I want my next Bday at McDonald’s though.
I will catch ya’ll on Friday for the authorized contact. Blessings and Peace to everyone. If you get board call me.

One thought on “Non Friday update…

  1. Kendra says:

    The summer before we left for seminary I kept seeing snakes. On trails and in the road, I didn’t run over them, but they seemed to be everywhere. Maybe they are your cheerleaders for this call. “Go Ryan!” Or maybe not.

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