I am going over yonder…

I leave early Wednesday to Oklahoma for the summer. I am terrified!!! I look forward to this experience yet I do not want to go. I pray I will do no harm. Please pray for me. I am almost packed up and the first sermon is almost done. I also have to do a Bible Study on Ruth. I found a gym in the area I will use. I got nana puddin’ all fixed up. I just need to drive on down I35 and hang a right at Norman. Did I mention I am terrified?
I have a bunch of books all set to read and some ideas in mind to offer to the congregations I will be serving. I will not have ready access to the internet so posting maybe sporadic at best. I will try to find an internet cafe in the area to post from.
Palabra! Blessings and Peace!

7 thoughts on “I am going over yonder…

  1. Elaine says:

    Where in Oklahoma are you going? I may be able to point you towards a free wireless site.ElaineNorman, OK

  2. astrocero says:

    i found a website.http://www.seminoleoklahoma.com/is this where your going?how far is this from OKC?maybe i can come and visit?i thought casa bonita was somewhere around there, but they all closed except the CO one, now we can visit Kendra & JT and go to casa bonita!you need to go to the oil museum located in Seminole, i need pamplets. man i think this will be good. safe trip fat ass. grant

  3. Elaine says:

    Please don’t hate me for this, but I think most (maybe even all) the McDonalds in Seminole have wifi.That probably tells you way more about Seminole than anyone should know going in.Sorry.ElaineNorman, OK

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