Would Jesus exclude his beloved from the fold?

Would Jesus take sides in a fist fight?

Would Jesus hate the sinner?

Would Jesus only speak English?

Would Jesus manifest only to a certain race, color, or class?

Would Jesus defend the exploitation of the poor, weak, or hurting?

Would Jesus care if we worship, taught, learned, and fellowshipped in our homes or outside?

Would Jesus only love some and not others?

Would Jesus be pissed off at what is going on in our churches?

Would Jesus be disappointed at our inability to invite and be hospitable?

Would Jesus bomb Muslims?

Do you love like Jesus loves you?

Do you serve like Jesus serves?

Do you accept people like Jesus accepts you?

What if you were judged in the manner you judge others?

Thank God that you are not judge and Christ Jesus has enough love for everyone. The answer to What the Fuck would Jesus do is simple…Jesus would Fucking love you!!!

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