Monday “Pot”pourri

I am wondering why is it a big deal that Ricky Williams smokes pot. After he has failed his fourth drug test I hope the NFL would do more to help Ricky that to shame him. With the witch hunt that has been going on in the NFL I bet they just throw him away. I do not smoke pot but I have in the past. I heard the Ricky uses it to combat a mental disorder. Great, Ricky has never hurt anyone. Folks we need to rethink our war on drugs and while we are at it let us look at this war on terror. Jackasses…when did we start cutting people out of the creation fold, is that not Gods job.

I know who let the dogs out…Vick, Vick, Vick.

And from the NORML website:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Former Lakers star busted at Pearson International Airport in Toronto Canada with six grams of marijuana by U.S. Customs officials. Paid $500 fine. Jabbar claims to have used marijuana for years to successfully treat severe migraine headaches. [this is the origins of the famous ‘sky hook’]

Source: Associated Press Toronto March 20, 1998

Robert Parish – Boston Celtics star arrested in 1991 when police intercepted two ounces of pot being shipped Federal Express to his Massachusetts house. He paid a $37 fine. [the chief should do FedEx spots]

Source: High Times

Ferguson Jenkins – Pitcher and Cy Young award winner busted in 1980 for possessing hash.

Source: High Times

Orlando Cepeda – Former San Francisco Giant and MVP award winner in 1967, charged with smuggling 160 pounds of marijuana from Puerto Rico to Miami in 1976.

Source: High Times

Vernon Maxwell – Former Houston Rocket busted in Texas in 1995 after running a red light. Police found a gram of pot in a baggie on the floor of his car.

Source: High Times

Ross Rebagliati – 1998 gold-medalist snow boarder from Canada who almost had his medal taken away when traces of THC were found in his system.

Source: High Times

Isiah Rider – Former Portland Trail Blazer’s guard arrested in 1996 when officers observed him in a car attempting to smoke marijuana from a soda can. He was charged with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

Source: The Register-Guard, December 10, 1998

Allen Iverson – 76ers franchise player busted in 1997 on marijuana charges.

Source: Wire reports and High Times

Mookie Blaylock – Atlanta Hawks star busted in 1997 when drug sniffing dogs uncovered marijuana on him in a Vancouver Canada airport.

Source: Wire reports

Marcus Camby – New York Knick busted for marijuana in 1997, performed community service and the charges were eventually dropped.

Source: Wire reports

Chris Webber – Sacramento Kings player charged with marijuana possession and assaulting a police officer in 1998. He was pulled over and he resisted the police officer. The vehicle was impounded and traces of marijuana were found inside.


Khalid El-Amin – Point guard for University of Connecticut during their championship season, busted a month after championship game against Duke. During a stop for a traffic violation a small amount of marijuana was found on him.

Source: Middletown Press, April 16, 1999

Todd Marinovich – Former USC and Raiders quarterback arrested for growing one pot plant in his house in 1996.

Source: High Times

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