The day after…[part I.III]

11:37 pm
I finished the semester yesterday. I am sitting here watching church folks set up a banquet. The room smells of propane (I bet Hank Hill is here) and the fumes are making me light headed. I think I see Jesus in the window…

12:15 pm
I overhear a pissing contest between two fathers. “My son just graduated from “such and such” school. He worked at Freebirds to put himself through University.” The return from the other dad. “Well my boy is on scholarship for being the shit. He dates that chick from TV. He is a surfer in Florida. BTW, he had Yanni play at his birthday party.” I think the fumes from the propane are getting to me.

12:30 pm
Someone is playing the piano. It is lovely. I always loved the sound of the piano. People are gathering outside and praying. I hope they enjoy the piano as well. I like the piano.

12:40 pm
It looks like King Ranch casserole is for lunch. I have never heard of this stuff prior to coming to Austin. I am not sure what it really is. I know it is named after the largest ranch in Texas and it is trying very hard to be enchiladas.

12:48 pm
I am laughing to myself…I found this picture on the Internet.

12:50 pm
Folks begin to eat the King Ranch casserole. A woman is walking around taking pictures. This is an actual conversation (I am joking of course), “Hey ya’ll I want to take ya’lls picture okaaaay. Sure let me get some of this here King Ranch casserole. It is delicious looking. It is great you know. Yes, I know. It smells wonderful. I bet ya’ll could eat a ton of it. You bet! Yeeehaaaa! Let’s take that there picture of your with that camera digital do hooch right there! You betcha! [The photographer] hey ya’ll lift that casserole a bit higher I want to get it in the picture. It looks great and yummy. I love Texas! THEN EVERYONE IS THE HALL BREAKS INTO SONG, THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS. They do it with strategic claps and all. I t is pretty impressive. They crazies part was after they were done a bunch of visiting Okies dusted themselves off and broke out in song. You bet it was OKLAHOMA…where the wind comes rushing down the plains.

1:12 pm
Some kids just raided the nugget station. I do not get it, having a kids station at a dinner. Are the kids too good for what we eat? Like prime rib is so bad. Lame! If it were anywhere else in the world these kids would be lucky to get anything. Now that would be a good lesson. Make them all work for the dinner and it not be an ass kissing session. “It is sad that sad they have only one choice for the entrée.” It is sad that you get to eat and complain while millions will go hungry today. Lame! I want to cuss here but I am trying to refine my language a bit. I got to conform…Lame!

1:23 pm
I am reading this book called, The New Friars.” I love it. I want to be a part of this movement. I want to minister to the hurting, poverty ridden elements of this country and the world. I want to fight for justice and kick oppression in is ugly two faced ass. I want to sacrifice my life to the Lord. I pray I have a partner in this as well.
I have been getting a clear vision on how I am to serve the Body. I am excited by all of these recent events. It involves a congregation with no building and relies on a house church model as its roots. So we may focus on mission. I want to participate in it terribly.

1:33 pm
Got an extension cord for someone. I was told all I had to do was sit here and do nothing. Lame! I have been rather busy doing this and that. These folks are a demanding lot. The fumes from the propane are truly getting to me…I saw Jesus again in the window. This time he was preaching to a talking cupcake. That is strange. We all know cupcakes cannot talk.

1:35 pm
I saved a professor by opening the room where their robes were. I just might be a super hero! I bet Hank Hill would be proud. I wish he would relax on all this propane fumes. There is Jesus again in the window. Why is Jesus outside? Has no one invited him in here with everyone else?

1:40 pm
A preach gets up and thanks everyone, then prays. Now Jesus is invited in. He looks hot. I should give him something to drink. What do you give Jesus to drink? [I settled on water] Great Jesus is hovering over the buffet table. Now “Happy Birthday” is sung to someone. Presbyterian Hymnody is being reclaimed to day! That rocks!

1:45 pm
I wonder why they sing happily. They have not invited outsiders in. Can we celebrate when so many are excluded from the gospel? We are pacifying ourselves. We are kidding ourselves. Are we truly serving the Lord or using Jesus as a smoke screen to our unwillingness to transform and answer the radical call on our life. Man the King Ranch casserole looks good. What would be a better benefit to the Kingdom, a banquet of exclusion and content or a feast of inclusion and breaking down of walls? Maybe Marx was right, “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people.”

1:47 pm
A speech is given and folks laugh. Why are they so pleased with themselves? Tonight millions will die from preventable disease that we do not contend with. Millions will sleep away from home due to war. Millions will be hungry. There will be some sold into slavery. There will be some killed for sport. There will be some denied the rights of being brothered to Christ by brothered-ones. There will be children forced into armies and these kids get more chicken nuggets from the kids table. They smile at each other, pretending not to hear “that” call into the world. With pomp and circumstance they are docile and pleased…doing Gods work. Pass the peace of Christ. Turn to your right, your left, and look forward and behind. Do not step more than two steps in any direction. Be decent and orderly.

1:56 pm
It ends and they all leave. The servants stay behind to clean up. The masses leave to go home and practice Sabbath. I do have a great conversation about why the PCUSA is going to die. We are so worried about dying that we will die. We are not loving, accepting, and serving in the manner we need to! GOD HELP US!

2:52 pm
All is quiet and clean. I put away the extension cord and lock up the doors.

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