Where oh where has my semester gone?

I have three sermons for Philemon due Friday at 5pm. I have yet to write them. They are in my head. Three sermon series on the identification of ones need to transform, the entrance into transformation, and the movement outwards into the world. Maybe I will use Bubble Boy as an illustration of this.

I also have three reviews to post for Philemon.

Not to mention the 10 to 15 pages on the Theology on Tap community project for Christian Education.

Here is a little something for ya’ll to be distracted by. I love that C. Barkley is in this clip.

One thought on “Where oh where has my semester gone?

  1. BCDees says:

    Allow me to express my solidarity on the Philemon project. I have yet to complete mine, either. Ugh. Friday cannot come fast enough… or can it?

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