It is items like these that cement in me a frustration with America today.

Free Paris Hilton– What does she need to be freed from? If this was anyone within the general populous there would be no anger, uproar, or petition. What about the hundreds of folks sitting on death row or the millions of truly oppressed in the world, are they going to be freed? Get over it and serve your sentence. You are lame and your money has gone to your head. How out of touch are you? I am amazed at the level of admiration this woman has reached for being oppressive, condescending, and lame.

The war on Terror (Iraq)– So far the American tax payers have spent an estimated 425 billion dollars in Iraq to establish democracy, find WMD, free the oppressed, and beat back the terror horde that messes with American freedom. This figure rises about three thousand dollars a second.
This means that every man, woman, and child owes around $1500 to support the war effort. I am not sure about you but I have better things to do than to spend $1500 on killing people, destabilizing a country, region, and world, and there is the subsidizing of industrial profit by the dominate defense industry. I wonder if they follow the idea, “that the best defense is a good offense?” It would explain a lot. I wonder what the families of the approximately 100,000 Iraqis killed think about our salvific actions in their country.
We could have created over 7 million new jobs in public education. We could have distributed this money to strengthen the infrastructure of this nation by improving roads, power consumption, health care, and emergency management. This would have created jobs while strengthening this nation. This would have also been the responsible thing to do. I cannot wait until all the oil runs out.

Institutional Oppression– I am tired of Christianity selecting, who is “saved”, elect, or welcome to the table. I fear that the body of Christ is so concerned with purity, law, and rightness that it forgets that we ALL are fallen and broken. If you are perfect, righteous, or other than why do you need a relationship with Christ?
I am sick of “Christianspeak” that claims a missional posture and emerges with a new look oppression. I am tired of religious institutions across the nation, that are “open” and exclude some students from full participation in the community. What happened to love your neighbor as yourself? I guess we are afraid that God cannot work in the world so we must do it.
Is not God bigger than any form of worship we construct or follow (divinely inspired or not)? I want to stop seeking to name God. I want to encounter God. In speaking about God, I want to reach out towards the divine and become enveloped by the mystery. In naming God I seek to control and obtain power. I operate in a corrupt power structure in this profane world. It is only by the initiating power of the divine that I may encounter God at all. To proclaim any praxis, in my opinion, is a dangerous endeavor. Any earthly power corrupts; a divine power transforms the fragile finite mind with which we operate. Why is it, that encounter with God evokes a strong emotional response? Is anyone that encounters God left with a “blasé” feeling? I am not suggesting that we do not seek to encounter God and speak about our experience. I offer that in our quest to encounter the divine we must understand the dynamic of this relationship and proceed with caution towards assertion that this is the true, only, or right way God manifests in this world. God imbues us with revelation, awareness, and understanding on a corporate and individual level. We must proceed with humility, fear, and the imbued divine wisdom to mitigate further corruption. God is more than a fade, bumper sticker, idea, commodity, or battle cry.

The dependence on private motor vehicles– I wish there was a national precedent for neighborhood, metropolitan, regional, national mass transit. I wish there was an affordable means of public transportation to travel around this nation, regardless of urban and rural settings. It would be neat to not have to worry about vehicle maintenance and still be able to travel with relative freedom and ease. I may need to move to NYC.

Reality TV, The Greek System, MTV, celebrity dancers, American Idols, dramatized Biblical narratives, our focus on physical looks, the cost of food that is health verse the cost of subsidized processed foods…and last but not least sensational media coverage.

5 thoughts on “It is items like these that cement in me a frustration with America today.

  1. astrocero says:

    sorry i commented on the wrong one. here is the right on.I am going to respond in order. On the Free Paris Movement.I believe that a woman who provides so much beauty and inspiration to me in my mundane life should be able to freely and without due process video tape themselves having sex with whom ever she wants, drink and drive after all, if she hits someone they get to be run over my Paris Hilton. She is above the law, I mean after all this is America, do you know how many tired and poor her families’ hotels provide for! Maybe as a compromise she could hire someone to serve her time for her. That is totally fair. She is hot, and that is enough for a pass. She does so much for this world.On The War on Terror (Iraq).I think it is short sighted to think the money we pump into Iraq and the lives we have lost and will loose is not for a good cause. It’s not like we were lied to. If we stop now, the terrorist win. I find nothing wrong with America providing Iraqi’s with freedom. Now they can totally buy cool stuff. Just think, before we gave freedom to them, they didn’t even know what an Ipod was! I bet they didn’t even have cute jeans, or nice shoes (ok, maybe sandals). MTV was a gift to them, and the terrorist are going to take it from them. 1500 bucks is not really that much, I mean that’s like an Ipod, some jeans, a pair of shoes, and some gas for my car. That is like a week, maybe two worth of stuff. Besides the government can just make more money if they really want. On Institutional Oppression.Is this like those African kids? And why is Jesus being mean to them?On The Dependence on Private Motor Vehicles.I totally agree with you, I mean if we just stopped using Motor Vehicles, and just used our cars it would be ok. On the other stuff. I love the flavor of love girls in charm school, that is so funny. I don’t care for greek either, I mean why eat a grape leave! Mtv, did you mean because there is not enough real world stuff on? After Sanjaya got voted off, I had no reason to watch (no really). Bible narratives, like the kind Kirk Cameron does? He was so good in Like Father Like Son.If ugly people would just go some where else! I love those sun chips, and they are so good for you, they are multi grain, like healthy! I also love good news cast too!

  2. Stushie says:

    I wrote a blog on ‘acedia’ today on my Heaven’s Highway blogspot today. It may be what you are experiencing right now.God be with you.

  3. BCDees says:

    I am in favor of locking Paris Hilton away forever. She is a drain on society and an example of everything wrong with the world. Why can we lock away poor people and throw away the key but we can’t lock up the rich? I, for one, would not be sad to see her in jail… forever.

  4. Ryan Pappan says:

    Yup, Paris is lame. Stushie, I am not experiencing acedia. I am very connected to God and creation. I am bummed that we are not really Christians these days. I want to love and follow Christ. I could care less if I can label myself a Christian.

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