these days

We are on the verge of completion. Just over yonder is the hope of finality. For some there is uncertainty, nervousness, and even fear. In less than two weeks, 60 some odd folks from this esteemed institution will be graduating. Some will go here and there. Others will go near and far. No matter where 60 some odd people will go. This makes way for the new influx of seminary hopefuls to be molded, shaped, and forged with iron like minds of the faculty and staff of APTS.
This process has occurred since 1902. It is old hat to the hollow ground. Many of the professors have done this numerous times. Some of the staff has done this dance more than they would care to admit. I have been a part of it since 2005.
We experience transition often in our lives. Something comfortable, familiar, and safe must die in order to bring forth change, newness, transformation. In my late night meditations upon this time of the year, the time just before summer and the time late into spring I smile and day dream. This is the time when the new things are dying and losing usefulness, dripping into the heat, sunlight, intension of growth and flourish. This is the time the younger generations of creation learn to take over for the passing generation.
It is this dance of old and new that amazes me. I do not know if it is a product of my aging, but I am more sensitive to the surrounding world. I appreciate and engage life deeply and intentionally. I can now stop and smell the roses. It is during this time of year that I am aware of all of the dramatic hope or promise and potential to which we have been blessed with as creation.
It takes me back to the days leading up to my graduation from high school. I remember one day during finals…My best friend, Jon and I were running around the school very excitedly. We were

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