The coolest thing I have done since working in the Library!!!

This evening a patron locked themselves outside of their study carol. The best part is that their keys where inside of the carrel. So they asked me if I had a key to unlock the door and return access to them. I tried all the keys I had in my possession and none worked. So we pulled a table of to the door of the carrel and stacked a chair on top of that…

Then all 300 pounds of Pappy McVulgarness ascended towards heaven stopping short at the three foot wide gap between the top of the wall and the ceiling. I entered this gap and descended into the stud carrel and unlocking the door.

Hero I am! It was exciting considering that I have had many five people come and visit in the library since 3pm, it now being 5:30 pm. In these visitors only one needed something from me (a library card, that will expire in less than 2 weeks). It has been grand. I am looking forward to my excursion with Mere to Wal-Mart to pick up assorted items…cleaning supplies, greeting cards, a bath mat, and possibly a wrist heart monitor (for the gym) and a pedometer (gotta keep up my steps!)

Ryan signing off!

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