Re-post:50 Songs I want if I am in an abandoned coal mine or deserted island…

If I were to ever be stranded on a deserted island or stuck in an abandoned coal mine. I would hope I had a CD player with long lasting batteries and a mixed CD of these 50 songs. Oh and an air supply (wait I need them on the CD too), water, and possible food. I am not partial to me having to hunt for it of not. Maybe I could be stranded on a Blue Lagoon type set up. I would also hope for a good rescue crew or search team. I better stay away from abandoned coal mines and deserted islands altogether. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Hurt by Johnny Cash
This song just makes me weep. The kind of weeping that produces no sound only choking tears and a struggle for air. I wept this mans death deeply. I love Johnny like I have never loved another musician. This song represents all things good in life when one accepts the inevitable and makes peace with their creator.

Sunday Morning by Johnny Cash
Brother Cash tells it like it is in this one. A man that has lived the dark side of life and discovered that he needs and loves the light. I identify with this giant greatly. Read this book “The Man Comes Around” by Dave Urbanski and you will grow a deeper understanding of this giant and saint of our times, Mr. Johnny Cash.

Crazy by Patsy Cline
Crazy for felling so bluuuuuuue! I want to slow dance with fate in the arms of a tasty rhinestone vixen to Patsy. She is the soul of country and the torment of men. Patsy is crazy and I am crazy for YOU!

Thousand Miles from Nowhere by Dwight Yokam
There is something about hobos and Dwight has the train thing going on in this video. I love the sultry feeling this song lays down. Dwight is a great modern country artist. I love his voice and style. I want a Nudie Suit with an eagle on the back.

Stand by Me by Ben E. King
Ben sings the shite out of this baby! It makes me wish I were a soul full black man with the voice of an angel. I loved the song in the movie, Stand by Me. This song just moved me in ways that other songs cannot. This song is the frosting on my cake of life and I want to consume it all.

Runaway by Del Shannon
I memorized this song after I bought it as a 12-year-old kid. I love oldies. My father, brothers, and I listened to oldies on our weekend journeys to my mom’s house in Los Angeles. This was the music of road trips. This song the theme for my broken 20 something heart.

Traveling Man by Ricky Nelson
Just a great song! Ricky can sing beautifully. I now remember this song and wish I had it with me as I traveled this earth in search of knowledge and truth. Well a pretty senorita from old Mexico…just waitin’ for me, would not be bad either!

In my room by The Beach Boys
Another tear jerking song. This is my favorite Beach Boys song. Mr. Wilson is brilliant in this one. The soft melancholy tone is the perfect package for the potent and real lyrics. Beautiful!

Take five by Dave Brubeck
The coolest song I have ever heard! My dear wife and I will take our first dance in our first home to this song.

What a wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
This one breaks my heart and reminds me of my grandfather. Louis never made a bad song which is why it is hard to chose just one of his. This one is so special to me, which is why I have chosen it.

What more can I say by Nina Simone
I want to love like this woman! She has such an amazing passion in her voice. This passion spills out into the listener and bathes them in a brilliant subdued pain bordering on the deepest love one could imagine.

It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World by James Brown
The second coolest song I have ever heard! James Brown has done more in this life with one bass line and his energy than most musicians do in a lifetime of cords and spandex pants. This song made me want to grow up and be a man. Not for any other reason than to understand why this world in nothing with out a woman or a girl.

Kissing You by Des’ree
Another sappy love song…this one from the Romeo + Juliet Soundtrack makes me urn for a love that spawns this kind of emotion. Her voice is so sexy I would crawl on broken glass for a thousand yards just to wipe her tears.

Last Breath by Hatebreed
This song is so brutal! Hatebreed came at a time when Hardcore needed them. This particular song pumps me up and fills me with so much fist pumping angst that I barely can contain myself when listening to it.

Jada Bloom by Vision of Disorder
This song is sweet! I love it! If I ever wrote a love song that captured the emotions I felt as I encountered a break up and the following difficulties this would be it!

Shelter by Shelter
Shelter is a great band and this is my favorite song of there’s. This song brings me back to my Straight Edge days. What a freakin’ bubblehead I was. I love Cappo’s voice and the sheer emotion that is placed in each word. Good old fashion Hardcore from the early Revelation Days!

F.V.K. by Bad Brains
Just good old school Hardcore from the godfathers of Hardcore itself. These guys are the SHITE!

Inner Struggle by Strife
This song and this band were the foundation of my beliefs at one time. That may be scary to some and enlightening to others. I still love this band and this song still reigns true to me.

Do What you Want by Bad Religion
This song sums up my teenage years. Filled with beach bonfires, beers and kegs, the pursuit of tail, the experimenting of life….I did what I wanted…and with the vigor that a cubby, insecure, sensitive, and philosophical young man can muster.

Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O’Connor
Just the greatest pop song ever. I love this one. I am no longer ashamed to say this. All the flowers in the…backyard…..

Please do not go by The Violent Femmes
My high school broken heart song! I was a fucking sap back then. Wow, it is a wonder that I did come out of those years. Thanks Gordon!

Joey by Concrete Blonde
This song speaks to me on a deep level. This song is for all of those that died in my youth for those that remain, forever young. I (heart) this song.

Birthday by The Sugarcubes
I love the fatal, archaic calls of Bjork in this song. The haunting bass line adds to the mood. Man this is a great song to listen to when it rains.

Road to Nowhere by Talking Heads
Just the best song from the Talking Heads. I dreamed of a road trip with Grant to nowhere the summer of our junior year of high school. Perhaps we shall do it now?

I want to be adored by Stone Roses
I agree with Grant on this one. It does fit his megalomania. I still like the song a great deal. I have a thing for haunting bass lines.

Wave of Mutilation by Pixies
I want to cease to exist, give my good bye, drive my car into the ocean, kiss mermaids, ride the El Nino, and walk the sand with crustaceans. This song harbors me a safe and delicate time.

Creep by Radiohead
The perfect explanation of teenage angst. I was and am all façades of this song. I cry out in frustration, as I do not understand where I am or where I am going! Ohhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh…

Distortions by Clinic
I love this song and love it more after my brother shared with me the story behind it. Clinic is a beautiful and amazing band. They are the only band I have seen more than once, outside of Punk bands.

Svefn-g-englar by Sigur Ros
Sdfjksf –lfrefjrg ! Shiufhif. This is Icelandic for; this song is a warm puppy kiss, a hug from the most beautiful woman, a tight holding hand leading you to nirvana.

Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley
What a perfect blend of heaven and earth. I imagine all the Psalms sounding like this song. I really love this song.

Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley
Another wonderful piece by Mr. Buckley…so warm, so sweet, so good. This song tells the emotions of my heart in those dark moments in a break up.

The Blowers Daughter by Damien Rice
Mr. Rice wraps a delicate balance between perfection and praise!

Forever by Ben Harper
This is the way I would explain my desire to have that one relationship. Ben Rocks!

Please Bleed by Ben Harper

Cold, Cold Ground by Tom Waits
This song gives me the chills when I hear it. The melody is so beautiful. It is like a lost priest searching for rhyme and reason to the tragedy befallen this world.

The Carnival is Over by Dead Can Dance
Another beautiful song! Dead Can Dance is great…this song is a modern day chamber call of minstrels of yore.

La Pistola y El Corazon by Los Lobos
I wish I were fluent in Spanish. This song is best when served in the summer with a cold drink and many, many tacos!

To Protect the Family Name by Pedro the Lion
Tragic and honest…Pedro is the modern Emo version of Johnny Cash. The good son dies and the “bad” son lives…brutal in honesty.

Back in Black by AC/DC
Just my favorite AC/DC song ever! This will be played at my funeral.

The First Cut is the Deepest by Cat Stevens
The Cat had got my tongue with this one. I will try to love again!!!

Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones
Classic Stones…Classic rifts…classic beats. It is a great song!

Hey Jude by The Beatles
I love this song and the story I heard about it. After his divorced parents battle it out friend Paul writes this song to comfort his young friend. Beautiful…sort of “About a Boy”.

Don’t Stop Believing by Journey
I am not sure why I love this song. I just do. Corporate rock at its best, I will not stop believing!

Soul Rebel by Bob Marley
I first heard this song in the snows of Northern New York and loved it. I just loved the guitar in the song and the cry of Bob…I’m a rebel…soul rebel!

Ice Cube-Wicked
My favorite Cube song. I love the strange Arabian like sound in the background. Cube kicks arse!

Killing Me Softly by The Fugees
A great cover of a great song (bless you Roberta). I will always hear, “one time”…

Shake your Rump by The Beastie Boys
I shake my ass with reckless abandon to this song. I love these guys and this is the best song from the best album of theirs.

Ataypura by Yma Sumac
You have to hear her to understand! Just an amazing voice she has.

Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole I love this guy! Brother IZZ…sings like an angel lived a great life. This guy is proof that big voices come in big packages.

One More Time by Daft Punk
It reminds me of the pillow dance my brother Grant did one night. It was the funniest thing I have witnessed to any song.

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