Mortem tuam annuntiamus, Domine, et tuam resurrectionem, confitemur, donec venias.

Pope John Paul II


I am somewhat relived that the Holy Father has died. It pained me to see the suffering and loss of voice of this amazing man. I truly admired Pope John Paul 2. He was an amazing man and a powerful force of God. I am not Roman Catholic. I do respect and appreciate the church for what it is in the history of the Christian Church in general. I admire the Roman Catholic Church. I love the rich tradition and history the body maintains.
I stated before in a post on my blog that I looked forward to conclave and the ceremony involved in selecting a new pope. I do look to this with excitement and anticipate being part of history as a new pope is selected.
In the same respect my heart goes out to those brothers and sisters that knew Pope John Paul and the Roman Catholic faithful that looked to him with great admiration as their religious and theological leader.
The pope’s death will increase the popularity of the legions of Brownies (Dan Browns fans) and the desire to understand the mysteries of the catholic faith. I pray it spreads the faith to those that have strayed in recent years, regardless of your position on the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity in general. You are witnessing a remarkable moment in history, as the next pope will inherit a legacy of progress and open dialogue. Lets all pray that the new pope will continue the reconciliation with other faiths and the restoration of the East and West.
I would like to see personally the issue of priests marring and the sanctification of women as priests dealt with and ordained. The newt pope who ever it may be has the chance to enlighten a new millennium and change the tarnished face of the church in the west and strengthen its ties in the southern hemisphere.
I do not think a pope will be elected from Africa or Latin America this time. I do think it is necessary to do so. The first pope from the southern hemisphere will most likely come from Latin America and not Africa.
Personally I am routing for Ivan Dias. From what I have been able to read about him he would make a great pope and continue the legacy of Christ’s mission to humanity. I am including a portion of the article I wrote on the pope a few months ago.

I look forward to conclave when the new Pope is elected after the camerlengo verifies the death of Pope John Paul. This is not out of any morbid fascination, rather a desire to see history made as the Catholic Church will most likely elect the first Latin American or African Pope. To hear the words, “Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum. Habemus papam” will surly be a marker for the new Christendom. As if an African or Latin American Pope is not elected the new Pope will surly have to consider the growing power and congregations in the Southern Hemisphere or face death of the Church.
I have read many articles on the speculation of whom the next Pope may be. Some say Norberto Rivera Carrera, the Mexican Archbishop. Then there is Claudio Hummes the Archbishop of Sao Paulo, Jorge Mario Bergoglio archbishop of Buenos Aries, Godfried Danneels Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, Francis Arinze Cardinal-Priest of S. Giovanni della Pigna and Prefect of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Roman Curia and the only African mentioned on this list, Ivan Dias of India a member of the Council of Cardinals for the Study of the Organizational and Economic Problems of the Holy See and an archbishop as apostolic nuncio in Ghana, Togo, Benin, South Korea, and post-communist Albania, Walter Kapser president for the Pontifical Council for the Unity of Christians at the Vatican; Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Christoph Schšnborn Archbishop of Vienna, Dionigi Tettamanzi archbishop of Milan, Giovanni Battista Re Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops and Cardinal Bishop of Suburbicarian See of Sabina-Poggio Mirteto, and Lubomyr Husar Major Archbishop of Lviv (Ukrainian).
As to who the next Pope will be only God knows!

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